Can you fly a drone over a freeway?

Even though you may think it is okay to fly moving vehicles at a fair distance, this is not necessarily correct.  “The FAA considers that someone ought to be permitted to fly somebody who’s within a static covered automobile that could provide reasonable protection against a falling unmanned aircraft carrier.

Technically, this means that you aren’t allowed to fly your drone over streets with moving traffic, because of how the drivers won’t be aware of your drone’s presence and will not be ready to respond safely if your drone happens to fall from the sky.

If you are employed as a professional drone pilot, then you need to be knowledgeable about the FAA’s regulations about flying over roads and transferring traffic.   After all, you might encounter points throughout your career in which you wish to acquire footage that needs flying over or near streets and other areas whereas cars are moving. Knowing the legality and integrity of flying in these situations will make certain you’re getting the shots you need without putting anyone in danger.