What is Project D from Zero Zero Robotics 249 Grams Drones

This is a brand new bi-copter drone out of Zero Zero Robotics, which has been introduced on CES 2020. It’s a notion drone that may do an unbelievable 50 minutes excursion. It weighs just 249g or even .55lbs (such as Mavic Mini) so that you do not need to be concerned about government regulation and decals in nations such as the USA and Canada.

Project D drone Launch Event China from zero zero robotics
Project D drone Launch Event China from Zero Zero Robotics

The company behind the Project D 250 grams drone is not as familiar a name as Parrot or DJI, but Zero Zero Robotics had some success with its initial 3 drones, the Passport, V-Coptr and Hover 2 Camera. Those two models were mainly centered on the audience who needed a fantastic selfie drone, on the place without fretting about piloting. Nonetheless, in comparison to V Coptr, these two balmy with their 20 minutes flight time, and the V-Copter gives 50 minutes.

Project D drone by Zero Zero Robotics 249 grams Similar to V-Coper but smaller

The company asserts that its 250 grams V-shaped dual-rotor propulsion system is significantly more efficient than quadcopters of the same size under the same payload. The drone has been touted to be much more silent than its competitors.