Mavic Mini: Flying Indoors Tips and Tricks

Mavic Mini is an outstanding miniature drone that features loads of features appropriate for flying indoors. Whether you would like to become in a couple of hours of flight training or are stuck inside because of poor weather, flying inside could be both safe and fun.  Get the Mavic Mini now, follow our indoor flying hints, and get prepared for a fresh world of indoor experience!

Also, the Mavic Mini is ultralight, mobile, and the ideal drone for casual experiences. Even when you’re stuck inside, you can continue with the fun and creating creative footage. Pick a Mavic Mini now for just $399 and find exactly how easy it’s to create incredible videos!


Mavic Mini Indoors Flying Tips

Flying safely is your number one issue when flying indoors. Before you flip Mavic Mini on, make sure that you first follow these pre-flight hints.

Wherever you intend to fly, having a good understanding of your environment will help you fly safely. Once you’ve prepared a safe, controlled space, it’s helpful to picture or map out your flight route before you begin flying.

Use Propeller Guards

The Mavic Mini 360° Propeller Guard is a necessity for flying indoors, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pilot. The lightweight guard completely protects you and everything about you by preventing the propellers from hitting any objects. With the propeller shield attached, Mavic Mini provides a maximum flight time of 18 minutes, and it will be lots of time to whizz around indoors.

Prepare Your Room

Have a look at the place, move any large objects away from the middle of the room, pay attention to some hanging fittings, and prepare a vacant room for takeoff. In addition to letting everybody know where and when you plan to fly, then move your pets to a different place where you will not be operating.

Assess the Lighting Conditions

This tip might sound easy, but it is absolutely crucial if you need to fly your drone indoors. Just fly during the day in well-lit locations, don’t attempt to fly at night. During the time you’re inside, the GPS signal may be missing, so Mavic Mini will rely on its Vision Positioning Sensors. The drone sensors work best if there’s ample light in the room, so we can’t stress enough how important this tip is.

Turn on CineSmooth

The next tip is to enter the DJI Reminder program and modify the flight mode to CineSmooth. This indoor-friendly feature will slow down the movement of your drone, giving you all of the accuracy and control you need to fly safely indoors. You can even adjust the controller sensitivity of the gimbal, which provides you with more control over your images when you are flying.

Flying Tips

Now that pre-flight preparation and installation are completed, you are ready to shoot off. However, before you reach for the remote controller, here are a couple of essential tips for flying your drone inside.

Manual Take Off

While Automobile Take Away is another handy Mavic Mini quality that’s great for any outdoor adventure, indoor flying requires a whole new strategy. Simply utilize manual takeoff, which ensures you’ll have total control over your drone.

Monitor Drone Status

Keep checking the DJI Fly app to your real-time drone standing. Always keep an eye out to your drone’s battery life and signal connection advantage. Indoor environments can interfere with your link, so fly cautiously indoors.

Minimize Your Movements

Keep it simple when you fly indoors. While Mavic Mini delivers several different kinds of QuickShots, don’t attempt to use these indoors. Practice flying in short straight lines and minimize yaw movements for a secure flying experience.

The fun does not need to finish if you’re stuck inside! Whether you’re a filmmaker or just searching for something interesting to do, then Mavic Mini is your greatest drone for casual experiences. The subsequent Mavic Mini hints are motivated by the shots made by Drone Film Guide.


Indoor filmmaking has lots of benefits and innovative possibilities. From a gorgeous sunset to a lively puppy, catch a timelapse of whatever you like with Mavic Mini. All you want to is find a fantastic place to place Mavic Mini, pick”Timed Shot’ from the DJI Fly program, take in manual exposure, and blend all of the shots in area. Super easy, super powerful. Go on and give it a try!

Stop Motion

Mavic Mini includes a fantastic 2.7K camera that’s stabilized with a 3-axis motorized gimbal, which means that you can use it as a standard camera! Set up Mavic Mini at a beautiful place, have a photograph, move your topic to some other site, and take the next photograph. Repeat this procedure and combine all of the images into a single video to acquire lively stop-motion fashion footage.

Magic Twin Impact

This is just another fantastic Mavic Mini suggestion you can use at any camera, such as Mavic Mini! The stabilized 3-axis gimbal retains the shot perfectly. All you have to do is list your own topic in a number of areas, hide your photo, and employ a tiny article editing. Have a look at the video at the end of the article for a complete walkthrough.

HDR Images

This next suggestion is ideal for any budding photographers around. Indoor environments are filled with different kinds of lighting, and it is quite easy to wind up using over or underexposed pictures. How do you enhance your shots in such surroundings? Place Mavic Mini onto a level surface and shoot a couple of shots of the identical scene in different manual knots. Combine all these pictures, along with editing software to make a stunning picture with a strong dynamic selection.

Creative Angles

Mavic Mini is very portable, weighing in at 249 grams and small enough to fit within the palm of the hand. It is the ideal photography instrument for accessing exceptional shots in indoor places.


You might even utilize Mavic Mini, just like a standard camera, to generate epic panorama pictures! Have a string of pictures, which makes sure each picture moves each other. Blend all these pictures with editing software to generate an ultra-wide panorama!

How to Attach the Propeller Guards

For brand new flyers, or for if flying in narrow spaces, we recommend attaching the propeller guards as an additional layer of security for Mavic Mini. To accomplish this, tilt the drone and insert front landing gear to the front of this propeller guard, keep the aircraft level and insert the back arms to the back ends of the propeller guards. Don’t forget to lock the clips, and you are all set to go! Please be aware that using all the propeller guards attached, Mavic Mini weighs more significant than 250 g. Please check your regional laws and regulations prior to flying.